3 days ago

Winners of the 15 million eur accelerator fund are announced

The long-awaited results are in - the financial institution ALTUM has announced their three selected partners who will be in charge of handling the acceleration fund, which is worth a total of 15 million euro. The three are: the BuildIt Accelerator from Estonia, Lattelecom Technology, and the Commercialization Reactor. 

Scientists call this AR app "the best they've ever seen"

As I walk into the Anatomy Next office I'm greeted by what must have been the “true startup scene” decades ago - no ping-pong tables, inspirational quotes and beer on tap - just a lot of talented young people crammed into a room at mismatched desks, churning out great work.

1 week ago

This idea from Latvia is thriving at a U.S. accelerator. The story of TheMonetizr

Latvian startup TheMonetizr helps mobile game developers earn money by selling game-branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, phone cases, and caps. TheMonetizr team acquired valuable experience during a six-month stint at the UpTech startup accelerator, which placed in the bronze category of Seed Accelerator Rankings Project (SARP) ranking. Recently…

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