Labs of Latvia presents:
How not to screw up your big idea in 10 easy steps.
Note: This video is based on actual mistakes, errors and failures, which have caused the death of many brilliant ideas.
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About Labs of Latvia

Labs of Latvia is a startup community platform providing information from and about Latvian startup scene to the world. 

Startup characteristics: 

  • Quick global scalability
  • Repeatable business model
  • Problem solving where solution is not obvious
  • High failure risk
  • Special funding instruments (FFF, crowdfunding, Business Angels, VC, IPO)
  • Company designed to be sold.

For startups

Labs of Latvia platform provides a powerful visibility tool to reach investors, media and partners that want to work with Latvian startups. We also supply startup news, event calendar and other useful materials from and for Latvian startups.


For investors

Labs of Latvia platform provides a convenient aggregator of potential investment targets and local syndicate partners. We also supply fresh startup news, event calendar and intelligence from the region.


For media

Labs of Latvia media page offers real-time Latvian startup scene Twitter feed from verified Twitter accounts, press releases and editorial content in chronological order. Labs of Latvia database makes it easy to search and contact relevant sources for interviews.


For anyone part of Latvian startup community

Labs of Latvia is a platform to stay on top of the latest developments, be visible and make more business in our "Marketplace" section. Convenient aggregator pages provide latest buzz from the scene, events calendar, useful materials and resources.


For anyone seeking to join Latvian startup community

Labs of Latvia is a valuable platform serving as first point of contact with Latvian startup community. It is easy to locate relevant ecosystem players in our database, contact them, catch up at the closest event or contact us for help.

Anyone just starting up in the startup world can benefit from Labs of Latvia materials and resources or make the first step in joining the community at one of the events.


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