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StartUp Europe Awards for the first time in Latvia

4 months ago

StartUp Europe Awards aims at increasing the entrepreneurship in the European Union.

The pulse of Latvian startup scene: Week #47

6 months ago

#StartinLatvia to have a special law to support startups, creates healthy snack treat, innovative guitar pedal and more.

“We all did it together!”: Latvia launches an innovative Startup Law and Startup Tax

6 months ago

Just a year after non-governamental organization “Latvian Start-up Association” was conceived, it has already succeeded with mobilizing government support to make important changes in Latvian legislation.


Latvijas start-up uzņēmumus aicina pieteikt dalību ‘Startup Europe Awards’

4 months ago

Latvijas start-up uzņēmumu (jaunuzņēmumu) pārstāvjiem tiek dota nebijusi iespēja pieteikt savus aizvadītā gada sasniegumus Eiropas jaunuzņēmumu balvai ‘Startup Europe Awards’.

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