eCommerce Workshop: Build, Grow & Scale a successful e-commerce business

Are you a brick & mortar business and would like to go online expanding your business globally? or you already have an e-commerce business but unable to generate enough sales? In this FREE workshop, you will learn how to accelerate your global online sales, boost international brand awareness, navigate local customs, solutions to payment gateway issues, international shipping and language barriers, as well as hear case studies from experts and creators of the platform in the field of global e-commerce.

With an educational agenda shaped by industry experts, if you are looking to take your business to the next level by expanding your global proposition, this is an event not to be missed!

What's covered in the workshop?
Understanding Customer Demographics (Geo, Location, age, etc.).
- Defining Personas.
- The Brand Promise and Identity (Defining the brand name, positioning, etc.).
- Getting your idea or business online
- Finding right domain name, payment gateways, hosting platform
- Creating your product catalog including the right information and
- Setting up an e-store.
- Optimizing e-store.
- eCommerce store DO’s & Dont’s
- Activating e-store (FB store, Instagram product tagging, abandoned cart recovery).
- Case Studies of successful e-commerce stores & how they got there and how fast, with what efforts.
- Localization (Google Local) and content creation (Brand Literature).
- Marketing and Management (FB, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Content discovery and marketing, email marketing, sales funnels.).
- Optimization and Reporting.

After attending this workshop, you will have an overview of creating your own e-commerce store as well as promote it online.

- Retailers planning to set up an e-commerce store
- Brick and mortar business owners who have decided to "go online" and open an e-commerce store
- Individuals who have been dreaming to start their own business for a while- - People who want to earn some extra income through online selling

Don't join this master class if you:
- Resell or dropship low-quality products.
- Work with network marketing/affiliate marketing.
- Don't add value to your customer.