Kotlin 1.1 Release Party

Kotlin 1.1 is released this month with a lot of kool features and improvements! Let's celebrate with a world-wide Kotlin party! We will have 3 great speakers and 3 great topics to enjoy.

1. What’s new in Kotlin 1.1?

Quick glance over major and the most exciting changes in newest Kotlin release with totally not made up real life examples. Type aliases, delegates, std-lib upgrades and much much more.

By Sergejs Luhmirins, Android developer and Kotlin enthusiast @ FullContact

2. Kotlin in real life

Real life story of migrating a production app to Kotlin. Introduction on how we're using Kotlin in FullContact for Android. Insights you can apply when migrating to Kotlin yourself, and tips to make existing Kotlin code fun to write and easy to read.

By Toms Kusiņš, Android developer @ FullContact

3. KotlinJS - is it a thing?

What if you could write JavaScript in a good way? KotlinJS promises such a thing, but does it deliver? Let’s discuss

By Alexey Buzdin, Senior developer @ Citadele Bank