Months 2nd #PyNight

Come work on projects, get programming help, help others, and hang out.

Python Latvia Workshops provide are freeform, generally unstructured events, providing the opportunity for developers to work together, mentor each other, connect socially, teach, learn, or do whatever else it is developers want to do together.

It's a great way to build the Python/developer community, by allowing members to meet and interact in whatever way they find most beneficial.

Need some project ideas? How about:

Learning Python

The official Python tutorial

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

An introduction to Python through writing games

Learn Python the Hard Way

Projects and competitions


Contribute to an open-source project that uses Python. Look for interesting projects on OpenHatch or CodeTriage. If you contribute to an open source project that uses Python and want to help new contributors, let us know in a comment!


19:00 - Meet and greet

19:15 - Programming

21:00 - Q&A, evening retrospective

21:20 - Chill

Take your friends with you, and make new ones. Tweet @pythonlatvia #python and enjoy the evening!

Propose a talk.

Want to go? Join and RSVP