Rietumu eCom 21

On 16 and 17 November, the largest e-commerce conference in the region of the Baltics, devoted to the e-commerce issue, Rietumu eCom21, and organized with the support of the Rietumu Bank, will be held in Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija, in Riga. 


This time, the human being – the customer, the consumer, the source of information – is in the centre, and, therefore, the theme of the conference is E-Commerce HD2 – Homo Digitalis in High Definition.


To those who do not see the importance of the user who is also the payer, focusing on an innovation for the sake of innovation instead, their project usually ends at the level of a beautiful idea. The idea and the ability to implement it in the interests of a normal human being – a consumer - express the difference between unsuccessful and successful companies in the e-commerce business. Why do some people succeed in a vertical start and others remain unknown, with all their breakthrough ideas? And, what is the most mysterious - why do users choose one certain solution, which is perhaps not the best, not the most affordable solution available in the market? The conference organisers, together with the invited internationally recognised experts, promise to find answers to all these questions.


The conference is open to e-commerce executives and representatives, online business owners and developers, IT system and cyber security specialists, IT software developers, as well as developers, top managers and leading specialists of payment systems, financial experts and marketing specialists. 


Registrationa: https://ecom21.com/en/registration/ 

Event program: https://ecom21.com/en/programme/