Investment per company:
50 000 €
600 000 €

Latvian startup Anatomy Next raises EUR 300,000 worth of investments

11 months ago

Latvian startup Anatomy Next has signed contracts for investments worth EUR 300,000 in total with the venture capital fund Imprimatur Capital and a private investor from Latvia.

What is the future of Latvian science startup scene?

1 year ago

Latvian science startups have raised over €5M investment, and are looking to double this figure soon.

Audio technology startup 'Sonarworks' draws EUR 700,000 in third investment round

1 year ago

Latvian audio technology company Sonarworks has drawn EUR 700,000 in the third investment round, becoming one of the most popular Latvian startups with investors – the total amount of investment in the company has reached EUR 1.5 million.


Latvijas startaps ‘Anatomy Next’ piesaistījis 300 000 eiro investīcijas

11 months ago

Latvijas start-up uzņēmums (jaunuzņēmums) ‘Anatomy Next’ noslēdzis līgumus par kopumā 300 000 eiro investīcijām ar riska kapitāla fondu ‘Imprimatur Capital’ un privātu investoru no Latvijas.

'Fragmentic' pievienojas 'start-up' kapitāla fondam '500 Startups'

1 year ago

Mākslīgā intelekta programmatūras izstrādātājs "Fragmentic" pievienojies "start-up" kapitāla fondam un akseleratoram "500 Startups".

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