Android Developer

Job description

What you get to do


• Develop best-in-class mobile app for millions of daily users eager for features.

• Play with latest technologies and implement brand new Android patterns. 

Saw a cool thing at Google I/O? Implement it the next day.

• Work on a small and very efficient team. 

No silos: all teams collaborate closely and QA isn’t a separate department.

• Adopt modern testing, automation and delivery tools. We care about this a lot!

• Have the opportunity to travel to our Oakland, CA office.

• Work closely with sysops, UX and other teams to make the best social network out there.

Desired Skills and Experience

You need to have (required)

• Strong belief in the Android platform.

• At least 2 years of native Android development.

Live app portfolio is a plus.

• Passion for modern software development approaches like TDD and pair programming.

• Strong Java knowledge.

• Product and user focus: user experience and satisfaction is the utmost goal.

• Good interpersonal skills and command of English



We’d like you to have (preferred)

• Knowledge of more than just Java.

• Understanding of web services and networking.