Offering a job in a startup. No office and no free lunch is looking for a team member with programming skills.

The job is not well paid. We do not guarantee that you well get fully paid or paid in time. 

Every team member has the same salary. We do not have a spacious office with entertainment facilities, hammocks or free lunch. Internet is our office. Each of us work from our own side of the world, but we meet everyday. 

Our team likes to work on specific and measurable tasks. We try to avoid abstract things. We regularly set achievable goals and tend to reach them. Our team has only one goal at the same moment that we try to achieve.

Most startups fall apart and ceases its activities. Often in its first months. Probability of succeeding in creating a global startup is very low. And we know that. Anyhow, our team is unstoppable. And our team has one more place for an unstoppable programmer.


If you feel that this mission is right for you, send a little info about yourself  to and we will contact you.