I first arrived in California six years ago. I had with me my passport, a small backpack, a laptop, and my ideas. I was 26, and company…

Winners of the 15 million eur accelerator fund are announced

The long-awaited results are in - the financial institution ALTUM has announced their three selected partners who will be in charge of handling the acceleration fund, which is worth a total of 15 million euro. The three are: the BuildIt Accelerator from Estonia, Lattelecom Technology, and the Commercialization Reactor. 

Scientists call this AR app "the best they've ever seen"

As I walk into the Anatomy Next office I'm greeted by what must have been the “true startup scene” decades ago - no ping-pong tables, inspirational quotes and beer on tap - just a lot of talented young people crammed into a room at mismatched desks, churning out great work.


This idea from Latvia is thriving at a U.S. accelerator. The story of TheMonetizr

Latvian startup TheMonetizr helps mobile game developers earn money by selling game-branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, phone cases, and caps. TheMonetizr team acquired valuable experience during a six-month stint at the UpTech startup accelerator, which placed in the bronze category of Seed Accelerator Rankings Project (SARP) ranking. Recently…


AirDog releases their second kickstarter campaign for ADII

Airdog, the tracking sports drone, has launched its second kickstarter campaign, thereby presenting their second version of the Airdog sports drone, the ADII.


Over 160 teams applied for the Startup Wise Guys Riga program

With more than 160 submissions from startups representing 29 countries, the applications to the second Riga program (Batch 9) of the Startup Wise Guys accelerator have closed. Along with expected application activity from Latvia and Estonia, startups from Ukraine and Serbia positively surprised recruitment team with a higher application activity than…


In 2017 the theme of the conference Rietumu eCom21 will be – the human being as a motivator of e-commerce development

On 16 and 17 November, the largest e-commerce conference in the region of the Baltics, devoted to the e-commerce issue, Rietumu eCom21, and organized with the support of the Rietumu Bank, will be held in Hotel Radisson Blu Latvija, in Riga. This time, the human being – the customer, the consumer, the source of information – is in the…

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