TechChill has brought together two key parties for closer partnership between the Baltic-Nordic startup scene  - Latvian Deputy…

Ministry of Economics defines IT occupations with reduced immigration requirements

The lack of qualified professionals at a number of companies, especially those in IT, has lead to the re-evaluation of the immigration law for key professions. The Ministry of Economics has now published a list of jobs that are the hardest to fill at the moment, which could be offered to foreign specialists with alleviated immigration requirements.…


The first Latvian AdTech startup exit to Swedish Signia Group - interview with founder Toms Panders

In early May the Swedish media technology  company Signia Group announced the acquisition of Setupad, the Latvian adtech company, marking the first Latvian adtech exit. The startup, which has been active for two years, is lead by founder Toms Panders. We spoke to him to talk about the experience of selling his startup.


Latvia ranked 3rd in the first European Alternative Loan Index

Twino in co-operation with KPMG have lauched the first Aleternative Loan Index (ALI) of Europe, offering an overview of the potiential of the financial industry. Latvia has been awarded the 3rd place in the ALI, behind Hungary and Slovenia.


Latvian Startup "Eventech" will help land a spaceship

The Latvian startup company Eventech has been entrusted to help develop a part of the landing systems for the Luna-27 module. This is an unprecedented opportunity for such a small country to become involved in such a large-scale space project.


New regulation makes bringing in high-skilled foreign workers to Latvia easier

Ammendments to the Immigration Law of Latvia has been passed to make it easier to bring in high-skilled workers for positions that are hard to fill, and is in force as of May 1, 2017. The ammendments include positions that are particularly relevant to startups.


Prezi announces the acquisition of Latvian startup Infogram

One of Latvia's most successful startups, the web-based data vizualization platform, Infogram, has announced their acquisition by creative presentation platform Prezi. This is Prezi’s first acquisition and financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

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