This post come from Raimonds Kulbergs, CEO of Funderful, who is now participating in the 500 Startups accelerator program. Here are…

Productivity tips to steal from the CEO of the fastest growing Latvian startup

As the CEO of Printful, the ecommerce drop-shipping and fulfillment service, Davis has his work cut out for himself. From managing three offices over two continents, leading a startup that's been doubling in growth every year, Davis has to be very particular about how he spends his time to make sure all bases are covered. Here's how Davis works.


11 lessons from Changemaker Marcus Orlowsky

Marcus Orlovsky is a thinker, an inspirer, an entrepreneur, Ted organizer, a status-quo challenger, and all-over changemaker. He was in Latvia last weekend speaking to a non-profit youth organization called JCI (Junior Chamber International) Latvia, who focus on implementing social entrepreneurship projects.


Riga TechGirls and TWINO are getting serious about women's involvement in tech

Realizing the necessity of gender balance in business, the startup TWINO is collaborating with Riga TechGirls to offer a free workshop cycle to inspire and support women to see the tech industry as a potential future workplace. 


Brexit: an opportunity for small countries to attract large FinTech companies

This was one of the conclusions from the meeting of financial technologies industry representatives in the third discussion organized by the Rietumu FinTech Club. This time, the subject of the discussion was "Alternatives to banking services in the 21st century" and the financial technologies that make finance experiences more convenient and modern.…


Who is who in Baltic fintech?

Among top 10 disclosed investment deals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, fintech plays a prominent role in Estonia, where TransferWise and Monese account for €110 million or 44% of all funds raised by Top 10 deals and Latvia, where BitFury, CreamFinance and Mintos totally dominate the Top 10, claiming €140.5 million or 87% of funds raised.…


Inside the Latvian startup ecosystem: university incubators

The "Inside Latvia's Startup Ecosytem" series will cover the different building blocks that play a part in forming, developing, and influencing the country's startup environment. This is the first in the series and will cover universities and their role in supporting innovation. 

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