Latvian Adaplab Oil&Gas is named top 10 technology in ABB Drives Innovation Challenge

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The world's leading power and automation technology company ABB has a high opinion of a software solution for industrial controllers developed by Latvian startup Adaplab Oil&Gas. Negotiations about the technical details are under way at the moment, and both sides are working on launching a joint project, according to Nikolajs Adamovics, head of the Commercialization Reactor accelerator, that merges business with science. 

An adaptive software solution developed with the help of Adaplab patented technology was one of the ten best technologies to make it to the final of the ABB Drives Innovation Challenge. The goal of the competition was to find new ways to help improve ABB-made electric motor frequency transformers.

"Electric motors are everywhere – from fridges to air conditioning units, water pumps and other countless devices. On the other hand, frequency transformers are used to regulate rpms and torque, they help improve efficiency and significantly reduce power consumption. These advantages are important both in manufacturing, offices, and in people’s day-to-day lives. Later, when we were talking in private, the organizers revealed that the decision to get us into the final was unanimous,” says Adaplab head Raivis Nikitins.


The company was established in 2015 as part of the Commercialization Reactor platform. The company successfully went through the first two rounds of the competition and earned the opportunity to present itself and its technology in London. The jury is made up of twenty top-level ABB executives. In total, more than a hundred participants signed up for the competition.