5 teams of scientists to continue to commercialize their ideas

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5 teams from the Riga Technical University (RTU) have been selected to continue under the Technology Transfer Program, supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

11 science-based teams from the Riga Technical University (RTU) were selected to be supported under the LIAA "Support for the commercialization of scientific research" program. They were decided to be potentially commercializable ideas that were then subject to economic and business potential, and commercialization strategies were developed for each. 

5 teams have been chosen to be implemented, turning the idea into a reality. 

Here are the 5 ideas:

  1. Zero-energy technologies for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater from highly persistent organic pollutants. Lead by Andris Sutka, the leading scientist at the laboratory for Applied Material Technology Sciences.
  2. A natural thermal packaging material out of pine tree byproducts - which are highly abundant in Latvia. The team is from the RTU Environmental Protection and Thermal System Institute, lead by director Dagnija Blumberga.
  3. A microorganism technology to extract omega-3 oils from biodegradable manufacturing waste. The team is lead by professor Ivars Veidenbergs.
  4. A fleet of janitorial robots that are able to independently both operate industrial cleaning machines, as well as work together to reach a common goal. The team is lead by the IT faculty dean, Agris Nikitenko
  5. A high-strength polymer and fiberglass hybrid material used for 3D printing - the team is lead by Kaspars Kalnins, the leading researcher at the Institute of Materials and Construction. This idea is made possible by a previously supported idea in the Technology Transfer Program, which proved that the thermoplastic fiberglass hybrid material can replace traditionally used steel solutions in automotive manufacturing. 

Laila Elina, Head of the RTU Innovation and Technology Transfer Center, is proud of the achievements of the scientists and commends them for their willingness to focus on the commercialization of scientific products, creating products and services with high added value.

The RTU Innovation and Technology Transfer Center assists scientists in providing support for the preparation and implementation of project applications, as well as providing idea presentation training, coordinating the process and maintaining communication with LIAA. In total, RTU has attracted 1.76 million euros in the program 'Support for the commercialization of research results'.

Projects supported under the program "Support for the commercialization of research results" may qualify for up to 300,000 euros for the development of a technical feasibility study and commercialization strategy, industrial research, experimental development, participation in international exhibitions, conferences, individual visits, strengthening of property rights, preparation of commercialization offer, as well as attaining the support and consultations of experts in Intellectual Property.