Aerones becomes top 3 startup to pitch at Slush

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The Latvian drone startup Aerones has made it through the selection rounds and are part of the top 3 startups. Today they will pitch in the final.

100 startups from the region were selected to pitch at Slush for the chance to win the grand prize. Besides massive media and investor attention, there will also be an award, but here's the kicker - it has not yet been announced what that prize will be.

Of the 100 startups, the list was narrowed down to 15 that pitched in front of a jury, and the top 3 were selected. Latvian drone startup Aerones was one of the three to be selected. This is a huge accomplishment, as Slush is the region's largest event, and certainly did not have a lack of excellent startups to choose from. 

The final pitching will happen today on at Slush on the pink stage from 16:25-17:15 in front of the jury. At 17:45 on the main stage, the Founder's stage, the winner of the Slush 100 pitch competition will be announced.  

The two other startups in the final are Life Networks, based in Turkey, and Meeshkan, based in Finland. Life Networks provides remote monitoring of telecom consumers, and with AI is able to suggest support fixes before the client has even filed a complaint. Meanwhile Meeshkan is a platform for machine learning.

Aerones is an industrial, tethered, heavy lift drone that can clean, coat, de-ice and more. As the technology is drone-based, the cleaning and coating can be done for objects in hard to reach places for typical cleaning services. For example, wind turbines. It can also be used in firefighting for difficult and dangerous to reach places. 

The aerones drones are several meters long, and in May of 2017, with the help of their 28-propeller drone, they lifted a man 330m into the air to successfully accomplish the first ever drone-jump.


All latvians and supporters are invited to support Aerones at the pitch competition at 16:25.