"AirBoard" from Liepaja, Latvia, accepted into Silicon Valley accelerator

The Latvian drone project "AirBoard" has been accepted into the BoostVC accelerator, based in Silicon Valley. 

AirBoard is the world's smallest manned aircraft that works similarly to a flying segway - it's a platform with 8 built in motors, and the pilot can control the motion by shifting their weight. 

The founder of AirBoard, Elivss Straupenieks says, "Getting into one of the leading US accelerators in Silicon Valley is a major step in the company's future development - to add to the existing "AirBoard" technical experts as well as found strategically meaningful contacts with US partners. I believe that the most valueable element in any company is a strong and motivated team, which is why it's very important to be in the right environment, where the company can attract the necessary employees and experienced investors."

Elviss has previously garnered the attention of local businesses - having earned a stipend from the loan platform Cream Finance, lead by Matiss Ansviesulis. 

"I was intruiged by Elviss and his views on business. I think that accelerators can help businesses, and that they can speed up its development. However my experience shows that everything depends on how active the entrepreneur is in developing his network and how much attention is paid towards finding investors.:

BoostVC is an accelerator that specializes in VR and blockchain startsups. Their slogan is that they're turning sci-fi into reality. The development of the AirBoard certainly aligns with this mission.