AirDog successfully completes their second Kickstarter campaign

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AirDog successfully raises over $300,000 during their second-ever Kickstarter campaign, allowing the ADII (or AirDog 2) to come to life. 

AirDog made headlines in 2014 after smashing their Kickstarter campaign - raising over $1.3 million, surpassing their $200,000 goal. This time around AirDog has raised $303,588 for the AirDog 2 (or ADII), of the $250,000 goal. The AirDog was one of the first commercial drones with a follow-along feature. 

The ADII is scheduled to be sent to the first backers already by mid-August, an ambitious delivery time, based on the average delivery rate of other crowdfunded campaigns. 

 As previously reported, the ADII is an improved version of the original AirDog and includes some new features, namely:

  • the ability for the rider to set a 3D flight path, allowing the drone to adapt to height changes in the terrain and to avoid obstacles
  • includes a new "scenic view" feature, which takes in the surroundings when the drone is flying. This is as opposed to the drone solely focusing on the rider
  • improved battery life and a battery that can easily be changed out 

 The ADII will retail for $1,500, but Kickstarter backers were able to order theirs for as low as $999.