Ambitious ideas from the 3D printing hackathon

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Last weekend, while the rest of the inhabitants of Latvia were out enjoying the summer, participants in the 3D hackathon worked away in the sweltering heat. With the help of 15 printers that were working non-stop for 48 hours, 6 teams worked away to compete for the grand prize - a 3D printer from Mass Portal. The ideas proved very good, and the jury repeatedly complimented the participants' ability to meaningfully develop their ideas in such a short period of time.

"Lawso" were awarded first place. In 48 hours they managed to develop an already existing idea - a device that lets deaf individuals experience music through touch while viewing a visualization of the piece of music that's projected onto a screen. The team's leader admited that he was inspired by how much the "right" people in the right place can get done in 48 hours. 

Each team went home with a prize - consultations worth 1000eur from S/B Pro, the conference organizers. The "You Matter" tea also won 1000eur worth of printing services. Within only 48 hours, the team was able to create a working prototype of a device that can test the hardness of a material. They used a hitherto unused method in such a device - sound.

The "Molecules Jewelery" team will be able to enjoy 700 eur worth of printing to print and experiment with their jewelery prototypes. They offer science fans to print what molecules look like under a microscope, making it a scaled toy or other useful object, such as a pencil holder for a desk. The team had observed that scientists enjoy demonstrating their belonging to this industry, and why not make a business out of it?

700 eur printing services were won by another jewelery making team - "Print Dip". They offer to create unique designs for those who wear hearing aids. A 3D tube is printed out, which was deemed comfortable by hearing aid wearers, while the use of the hydrography method allows the team to create a unique design. 

Two other teams are being sent to different events to continue to test and develop their ideas. "3D Mermaid" won a trip to Login, the Lithuanian tech festival. The team is working on the ability to print carnival costumes, which would greatly diminish their prices and would improve their quality. Meanwhile "Together" is being sent to Germany for "Rapid.Tech-FabCon 3.D". They're offering a 3D printer that can be easily used by the whole family as an entertaining activity. 

the 3D printing hackathon happened over the span of three days - from June 1st to June 3rd at the People Work co-working space. On the first day, the ideas were presented, teams were created, and the hardware was introduced. Teams began to develop and implement their ideas, which they presented on the final day. 

The event was organized by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) within the framework of the Innovation and Motivation Program. The event was supported by the largest 3D printing center in the Baltics - Baltic3D, as well as by Mass Portal, the leading 3D printer manufacturer.