Ampple’s crowdfunding campaign a success

On Sunday, June 26, the crowdfunding campaign for Ampple, a Latvia-designed iPad case that produces premium HD sound, concluded successfully on Indiegogo. The product was able to attract USD 51,310 worth of financing, which was 102 percent of the desired sum.

As one of the company’s co-founders Viesturs Sosārs explained to Labs of Latvia, the campaign itself was quite a tough one due to various aspects, and the final outcome was hard to predict. However, he added that solutions were identified during the campaign to attract the interest of investors.

The company now plans on manufacturing the first series of Ampple sound-systems, so that the device can be shipped to customers as soon as possible, as well as utilizing its seed capital for attracting further investments.

“We really hope that our clients get their devices by Christmas, while Ampple is expected to go on retail sale sometime next February,” Sosārs said, adding that meeting these dates will surely be a challenge for the company.

Ampple enhances the sound of an iPad threefold, which also serves as a case for the tablet and is equipped with a 5000mAh battery that lasts up to ten hours, so it does not utilize power from the iPad itself.

At the same time, the highly protective case protects the iPad from damage, while its Bluetooth connection makes Ampple the most portable sound-system in the world.