Another taxi app enters the Latvian market - Taxigo

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While Latvians are already actively using Taxify and patiently waiting for Uber to arrive, the Taxigo taxi app has entered the Latvian market. It is represented by an Estonian company and differentiates itself from the classic sharing economy taxi examples by only offering rides in licensed taxis.

"From the beginning of May, the Taxigo app will offer taxi services from hundreds of taxis from three local taxi companies. We are currently training taxis from three other companies, and by June the number of taxis operating through the Taxigo app will reach 300. We hope to have 1,000 taxis in Riga by the end of the year," the founder of Taxigo Eduard Dubrovski says.

Unlike the Uber and Taxify apps, Taxigo only offers licensed and official taxis. Because of this, these companies have a platform available to them, where they can retain their identities and prices. This is why photos of each vehicle can be viewed through the app, as well as the company’s name and tariffs. It is also planned to include information about the taxi drivers in the future as well. "We believe the client likes as much transparency as possible, as it also makes the taxi ride safer," Dubrovski believes.

The Taxigo app has been in operation since 2015 and currently links up with over 2,000 Estonian taxis from 50 taxi companies. Approximately 150,000 taxi rides are ordered through the app on a monthly basis.