Certes Technologies and the Teachers Training Centre “Future Classroom Lab” in Portugal

We are pleased to announce that Certes Technologies is now working closely with Teachers Training Centre, (EduFor), at the Secondary School Felismina Alcantara in Mangualde Portugal. The Training Centre is recognized by the Portuguese Education Ministry as one of the most dynamic and innovative education centres in the country. The Teachers Training Centre will be approved as a “Future Classroom Lab” in accordance with the guidelines of the European Schoolnet in Brussels.

With the Certes PentaClass Wireless Pro Audio System installed, the EduFor Future Classroom Lab will be an example of innovation in education for all of Europe. EduFor is involved in numerous Erasmus and other European projects and will host visitors from numerous European countries including; the United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Poland. 

The PentaClass Wireless Pro Audio System will be installed in classrooms and an auditorium demonstrating its versatility and usability in various scenarios and spaces. 

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