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TWINO is one of the TOP 3 companies to make it into the European Fintech 2017 finals. They will now compete to be the best among Alternative Finance companies.

TWINO is the only company from Latvia that has made it to top 3 in one of the competition categories. They will further compete for the first place with FundedByMe and Funderbeam.

Founded in 2009, TWINO is one of the largest marketplace lenders in Continental Europe. TWINOs peer to peer lending platform serves the customer to earn premium returns by investing in unsecured consumer loans. Now operating across 9 countries it has attracted more than 9,000 investors from 30 different countries.

By being nominated, TWINO can be considered one of the most promising and innovative European FinTech companies at the moment.

FinTech Awards is a competition that recognizes the best financial technology companies as assessed by public vote and a panel of judges. The enthusiasm of the general public is highly important and constitutes 25% of the vote to determine the top 100. The panel of experts form a jury that constitutes the other 75% of the vote.

Initially, from all applications, top 100 companies were selected to further compete in the European FinTech Awards. After the vote, top 3 companies have been chosen and divided into several categories - Finance, Payment & Transfers, Banking etc. The top 3 participants from every category will have to prepare a 5-minute presentation and prove why they have to be the winners in front of the top-notch panel of judges.

The awards ceremony will be held as part of the FinTech Awards & Ceremony 2017 event held in Brussels. This is not only an opportunity to discover innovative FinTech companies, but also to get inspired by industry experts. This year's speakers include one of the Top 40 most influential people in financial technology Chris Skinner, along with James Shattock and Mike Massaro and many others.