Dealflow from Latvia: Q3, 2015

18 Latvian startups looking for over €5 million seed money. Hot deals from B2B to B2C, from apps and games to health and nanotechnology. 

  1. MaxTraffic - a platform for e-commerce sites to help them turn abandoning visitors into customers.
  2. Conelum - makes mandatory milk tests in dairy industry 50x faster.
  3. InSelly - the easiest tool for mobile selling on Instagram.
  4. MAHYDY - a heavy metal startup developing a new technology of anti-corrosion treatment for structural steel. Reduces bath maintenance costs 6X, reduces payback period till 2-3 years, improves the environmental friendliness of production.
  5. Spatial Initiatives - Developing next generation precision rangefinders for 3D imaging and survey instruments using only recently available multi-pixel photon-counting detector technologies.
  6. CheeksUp - an interactive speech therapy game for kids with 3D face movement tracking in real-time.
  7. PranaJet - a gadget for stress management by breathing using unique biofeedback method.
  8. Trip.Center - building the most convenient and powerful travel planning tool in the world.
  9. BranchTrack - changing how corporate training works through an elaborate yet very user-friendly customer simulations platform.
  10. Adaplab develops new generation software products for industrial controllers in oil, gas and wind farm industries. The technology works 3X faster and 2X more efficient than competing solution, increasing process stability 5X. 
  11. Snowision is an automatic sensor system to monitor snow cover in Alpine ski resorts, saving up to 50% of their costs.
  12. ET Tech - B2B SaaS platform for HR and recruiting, which assesses professional competence using person's eyes' movements.
  13. Koatum - a med-tech startup developing a unique medical implant coating method, which provides 100% rejection safety and up to 2x faster healing.
  14. DexLab - technology that allows to produce dextran from natural, cheap and widespread materials, one of which is considered chemical waste.
  15. Nano Ray-T - produces all types carbon nanotubes (CNTs) with extremely high purity in 99.5% and stable characteristics.
  16. Adiabatic Nano Technologies has developed a method for adiabatic compression of monosilane that can be used for production of nanoscale silicon compounds, of high purity and extremely low dispersion for various energy, electronics, medical and other applications.
  17. Nano 55 - a revolutionary simple, one-step nano carbon tubes production technology.
  18. empowers e-retailers with information about individual behavior of a visitor and provide tools to engage in real-time.

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