EUR 100,000 invested in first stage of development of Qwixi Tool audio guide mobile app

EUR 100,000 has been invested in the first stage of development of the Qwixi Tool app that creates audio tours tourists can play back in their smartphones, according to the developers from the company Random Directions.

Random Directions and foreign experts have been working, for already a year, on a new type of functional application for guides, which offers tours in smartphones and works on iOS and Android platforms. This makes it possible to make tours far more entertaining, offering the author’s take on any given attraction, the atmosphere of the place, and the emotions it evokes.

Unlike most other audio guides, the mobile app takes a whole new approach to the recording of an audio tour – it is recorded in motion, with the app automatically adapting it to the route of the tour and periodically verifying the location of the guide in order to ensure that tourists using the service do not lag behind or move on too fast.

Another novelty is the option of creating an uninterrupted story that will almost completely imitate a live guide’s account. Creating and playing back a tour is also possible offline.

The mobile app will offer detailed information about audio tours, their duration and distances. It will offer the possibility to arrange various attractions on a map with a changeable scale.

There is an online version of the service for editing and publication of tours. The project’s website offers basic information for guides – description of the service, the process of creating a tour, payment options, user rules etc.

Limited liability company Random Directions was established last April. Daņiils Blats holds 60% of the company’s shares and Romāns Puškarjovs 40%.