Finance Latvia Association Releases Industry Magazine

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The Finance Latvia Association put out the first issue of its English language industry magazine, Finance in Latvia, in order to promote the Latvian financial sector in Europe, to highlight achievement and developments, and to strengthen industry reputation.

The magazine, available both digitally and in print, covers topics such as transparency in the Latvian banking sector, GDPR implementation in the industry, digital transformation and working with FinTech. The topics are rooted in the Association’s priorities and visions. The journal was created with involvement from the Association’s members, committee chairs and a special working group.

As Labs of Latvia previously reported, the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks recently rebranded and expanded its mandate as the Finance Latvia Association.

“The changes in the Association are a logical step and are a result of the industry’s global and regional direction. The necessity to unite the industry and facilitate quality discussion was already recognized in 2017, when we unified 9 Latvian finance and related industry associations’ positions on the European Union’s financial market future and FinTech innovation. The Association’s agenda often deals with issues which can only be solved by working closely with finance, technology and other related industries. The magazine Finance in Latvia will help the Baltic, European and other finance industries clearly demonstrate our achievements, great potential for innovation and persevering work to bring in the highest standard of accountability”, Finance Latvia Association chair Sanda Liepina explaining the choice to expand the Association’s mandate and the goal of the industry magazine.

The Finance Latvian Association sees Latvia among the EU’s leading nations in creating an open financial sector, making it necessary to create a platform for cooperation between all involved parties, encouraging discussion and offering versatile solutions for current industry issues. The Finance Latvia Association invites Latvian FinTech startups, experiences financial firms and related industry businesses to become members of the Association.