For the first time, the most-loved startups of Latvia are announced

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SonarworksPrintful and Mintos take home the prizes in three categories - most innovative, fastest growing, and most resonant.

The most-loved Latvian brand competition has been hosted annually for 13 years now. 

This year, they included three categories, specifically for startups. The categories were:

  • most innovative
  • fastest growing
  • most resonance in society

The category of most innovative went to Sonarworks - a startup that deals with software to improve audio quality, and is used by professionals in the music industry, some of which are grammy award winners.

The category of fastest growing went to Printful - Printful is a printing and dropshipping startup for online stores, and has recently opened their third printing facility due to high demand.

The category of most resonance in society went to Mintos - the peer-to-peer lending platform allows individuals to take a loan without having to turn to a bank. It also allows individuals to become lenders and make a profit from the transaction.

The grand prize trip to Silicon Valley, an apt prize for the startup category, was awarded to Sonarworks. The prize was provided by the United States Embassy in Latvia and Latvian Startup Association,

Other categories in the most-loved brand competition include categories such as most green, best employer, biggest influencer on social networks, and more.