Gamechanger Audio takes 2nd at global entrepreneurship competition

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The music pedal startup has taken second place at the "Creative Business Cup" final in Denmark after winning the regional competitions in both Latvia and the Baltics.

Gamechanger Audio, the makers of the distortion pedal for guitars, have become the second place winners of the global Creative Business Cup entrepreneurship competition for creative industries. The prize - 3,500 EUR, as well the opportunity to shine in front of creative industries personas, potential partners and investors. 

After a close battle, and the jury having been reported to coming "close to a fist fight", they came second to a team from Israel, 6Degrees, who created wearable technology to support individuals with upper-body mobility challenges. 

Gamechanger audio have two products - the Plus Pedal, launched in 2017, and the more recently launched Plasma Pedal. The pedals provide a unique engineering solution to create a new sound possible on the electric guitar. The Plasma Pedal was crowdfunded in a matter of hours, and both have gone on to be played by musical greats such as Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, and more. 

You can get to know more about the group's inventions, as well as what industry professionals think about it, in their video. 

The Creative Business Cup was organized as a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Copenhagen, which brings together investors, entrepreneurs from the creative industries, and experts in various fields. The Cup aims to support innovative ideas and brings together entrepreneurs from over 70 countries. 

Previous Latvian participants in the Creative Business Cup include startups Anatomy Next, Vividly, and GiGi Bloks.