How to scale FinTech startups in the UK

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All interested parties are invited to participate in an event organized by the British Embassy on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 9:00.

The British Embassy is hosting an event for all those who are interested in the FinTech industry. The event will be held at the Residence of the British Ambassador, Alunana street 5 in Riga, at 9:00AM.

Speakers include:

London is a particular interesting location for FinTech startups, as it's considered the nr. 1 destination for financial services; it has been recognised as a global banking and insurance centre, and more recently a place for FinTech companies to set up and scale. London is the world’s largest centre for FinTech with investment growing faster than anywhere in the world.

As these banks and insurance companies have become more established, they have sought to expand outside of London, attracted by the lower cost of infrastructure and labour. Today, over 2/3 of people employed in financial services are based outside of London, and 60% of the sector’s gross value added is generated outside the capital.

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The British Embassy will also be hosting a trade mission to Manchester and Leeds from November 20-23, bringing Latvian FinTechs to Great Britain. FinTech startups can gain more information at the event.