Latvian Business Angels - LatBAN - unites under a syndicate worth EUR 100,000

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Marking its three year anniversary, the Latvian Business Angel Network (LatBAN), is organizing its first investor syndicate. It is a partnership made up of several individual investors who have decided to come together to invest in a project. 21 investors will be participating in this syndicate, with 13 projects vying for investments. Talks are also underway for additional support from ALTUM.

A syndicate has several advantages, when compared to individual investors investing their finances in a project – for example, it is possible for a project to attract larger investments, as well as greater due diligence. There is also a wider competence network, as well as risk diversification.

At the moment, is has been determined that the syndicate will invest a total of EUR 100,000 in two or three projects. If additional co-financing from ALTUM is received, then the total amount of investments could reach EUR 150,000 and a total of three projects could receive investments. The aim of this, of course, is to assist in developing projects and ultimately earning profit. However, LatBAN emphasizes that with this syndicate it wishes to generate additional interest from investors to invest in future projects. Furthermore, it's expected that such cooperation will promote communication, cooperation and exchange of experience between investors, which will in turn positively impact the investment eco-system.

At LatBAN’s May 30 Investment Session, the following projects will vie for both private and syndicate investments:

  1. Tebo  – education content platform for teachers.
  2. TheMonetizr  – for on-line gaming companies,an opportunity to create various types of merchandise with main characters depicted on them, and sell them while the user is playing.
  3. Lokalise  – translates  Android/iOSapps and web-sites in over 40 languages with just five clicks of a mouse.
  4. Paytailor  – mobile payment system, which makes payments simpler and quicker.
  5. Crassula  - software API, which allows banks and financial institutions, startups and established businesses, ISOs and PSPs, build their own FinTech solutions by using the software API.
  6. AlrisVision  – technology which recognizes, understands and determines an object’s location in photographs, video and live broadcasts.
  7. inapptics  – assists app creators in visualizing how users use their applications.
  8. DronePlan  – creation of software for drones to carry out automatic flights.
  9.  – an on-line platform which allows to reach an audience on the Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, Skype and Wechat communication apps. 
  10. Welltrado  –  an alternative investment platform.
  11. WinMill– a unique hockey training system, which assists players in their training process and analyzes their performances.
  12. Coffee Pixels  – an edible coffee bar.
  13.  – a tool with which accountants and company directors can save 75% of the time they spend dealing with receipts.