Lattelecom launches the first internet of things network in Riga

Leading telecommunications company Lattelecom has launched a specialized Internet of Things network in Riga. Starting July 1, companies in Riga have access to smart city and smart manufacturing solutions, as well as the Internet of Things infrastructure, which startups can use for the development of new products.

"We have created the Internet of things infrastructure and solutions in cooperation with the leading European developers and in consultation with the leading telecommunications companies in Europe. We implemented the project using the latest and most efficient business principles – lean and startup ideas. That is why we were able to build the infrastructure in six months, which is about twice as fast as compared to other market players and other infrastructure development projects," says Lattelecom Development Department Director Krists Avots.

The company informs that expansion of the network is well under way elsewhere in Latvia, but is not revealing the amounts invested in the project.

Lattelecom specialized Internet of things network will rely on Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN), which is very well suited for Internet of things services to remotely and automatically managed urban infrastructure. In practice, it means that various end devices, for instance, temperature sensors and meters, are fitted with a radio chipset that transmits information via LPWAN to the base station. The base station, in turn, is connected to optical Internet network, through which information reaches the user.

The new technology is characterized by low running costs, long range radio signal penetration and the capacity to connect a massive number of end devices with low energy consumption. The network is also accessible from signal-challenged locations, where the usual wireless Internet is mostly unavailable, such as basements and buildings with thick concrete or brick walls.