Latvia-developed protective gear for athletes folds Kickstarter campaign; project still continuing

A campaign on Kickstarter, which aimed to raise USD 30,000 (EUR 27,287) to launch mass production of Latvia-developed protective gear for athletes that adjusts its shape to the player’s body, and promotion of the new product on the U.S. market, has closed with USD 25,012 (EUR 24,133) contributed by supporters, according to the developers of the project, Blindsave.

Blindsave head Andis Blinds says that the team is nevertheless happy with its Kickstarter campaign, as raising the funds was not the only objective of the campaign.

“It was also part of our marketing campaign, the goal of which was to draw the attention of clients and prospective cooperation partners – and we pulled it off as such global media as Yahoo Sports and Digital Trends were writing about us, and several potential investors made inquiries. Talks are under way with one of them at the moment, the talks could conclude sometime after the New Year,” said Blinds.

Blindsave has contacted all supporters who ordered Blindsave products on Kickstarter, and offered them to buy the products at Blindsave online store for the same price, said Blinds.

“Although our campaign was USD 5,000 (EUR 4,824) short of success, it has no effect on our future plans. All product development is in the final stages, and we will launch mass production and begin selling the products in January – both in Latvia and elsewhere in the world,” added Blinds.

Blindsave originally developed and manufactured equipment for floorball goalkeepers, it has now created the “world’s first protective gear that adjusts itself to conform to a player’s body”.

Using the qualities and functionality of a unique protective material, the company has developed much thinner and more shock-absorbing protective gear that is also suited for use in basketball and other indoor sports.

The unique Blindsave protective gear is made from special elastic foam technology with innovative shock absorbing and body adjusting features. The padding begins to adjust its shape immediately after coming in contact with a player’s body, and achieves its highest functionality at 97.7 – 98.6 F (36.6 – 37 C).

Blindsave protective shorts protect the athlete’s thighs, hips and tailbone, while Blindsave protective shirt – the ribs. In the near future, the company is planning to also sell elbow and knee pads, and other products.

Blindsave protective gear is manufactured in Latvia. More than EUR 30,000 has been invested in the development of Blindsave products so far.

SIA Blind Save was founded in 2012, Blinds is the sole owner of the company. Last year the company posted EUR 104,418 in turnover and EUR 14,004 in losses.