Latvia will be represented at "PowerUp!" startup competition by Mazzy

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Nine teams will participate in finals of the energy and clean tech startup competition, PowerUp! in Prague on June 19th. Startup Mazzy has been nominated by the jury as the most innovative and successful local competitor and will represent Latvia at the final. 

The leader of Mazzy, Viesturs Selmanovs, emphasized:

"As the Internet of Things develops, our goal is to make every one of our clients realize that their data about energy consumption (water, electricity, gas, heating) is valuable. Hopefully, our participation in the final will allow our idea to continue to grow, and in the future, to use blockchain technology as a solution for IoT data storage and commercialization."

Altogether 299 startups from 24 Central and Eastern European countries applied for the national selection round. 14 were from Latvia. In preparation for the regional final, intensive training events and master classes were lead by Viesturs Sosars, TechcHub founder and board member. During the training, participants were able to test their business models and improve their presentation skills in order to more successfully convey their ideas to the jury, investors, and media. 

Other notable Latvian teams included:

  • DronePlan - 2nd place winner
  • Catalyco - 3rd place winner
  • InnoWater - special award winner

InnoWater was awarded participation in the international city planning event Mad City Happening. The award was presented and supported by LMT (Latvian Mobile Telephone). 

The head of the jury and InnoEnergy representative Michal Bajda stated:

"The goal of the competition is to identify innovative solutions in the energy industry and improve air quality in European cities, thereby improving the cleanliness of our surroundings. The winning team's project meets modern market needs and can also be used on an international scale. The international relevancre of this project was the most important criteria in selecting the winner. 

InnoEnergy is an institution that supports the development of different projects in the renewable energy industry. It supports projects at every step of the way, both investing in the project, as well as connecting the project team to the necessary resources, be they industry specialists, scientists, enterpreneurs, and more. InnoEnergy was founded in 2010 with the support of the European Innovation and Technology Institute (EIT).