Latvian company's ‘Tesdevlab’ solution is one of the finalists of 'The European Software Testing Awards 2017'

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Software quality assurance company’s  ‘TestDevLab’ developed ‘Android’ and ‘iOS’ mobile application testing solution ‘’ has become one of the ‘The European Software Testing Awards 2017’ finalists in the category ‘Best Mobile Testing Project’, informs agency LETA public relations manager Kristaps Skutelis.

Being included in the list of finalists means that the industry experts have recognized ‘’ as a useful and well-developed product.

‘’ is a solution that provides clients with detailed test reports from experienced experts in 48-hour timeframe, listing all tickets and bugs found in the proposed application. This way application developers can create high quality products to successfully enter the market.  “It is especially important to mention, that the proposed applications are tested on various devices. More than 500 phones, tablets, smartwatches and other devices can be used to test the client’s application,” according to Mr. Skutelis.

‘’ is available to clients starting from this year and it has already partnered with start-up accelerators from Latvia and abroad. For example, one of them is ‘500 Startups’ that includes several technological startups from Latvia. ‘TestDevLab representative explains that: "Thanks to this cooperation our solution is available to many promising technological startups, that have to invest in the development of high quality mobile applications”.

Another ‘’ advantage, according to Mr. Skutelis, is the fixed payment of the service and depends on the number of devices used for the app testing. This way the client will know straight away how much it is going to cost them. Mr.Skutelis notes that: “There is no need to make predictions and calculations on how many hours it is going to take to test the app. The price model helps to save time on testing expense calculations and instead focus on quality of the application. Clients can request to test their application on one device for free to evaluate the quality of the service and provided information.”

Currently, the focus of the company is to review current customer feedback and actively work on product development and integrations with an even wider range of services. As an example, Mr. Skutelis mentions that: “Currently, ‘TestDevLab’ is working on the development of a new product that will allow customers to additionally test the security of their mobile applications. It will be integrated with ‘’ to get a bigger picture, not only on the quality of the application but also on its security.

'TestDevLab' provide security and penetration testing, automation test development, mobile, Web, or back-end systems development and more. 'Skype', 'Microsoft', 'Twilio', 'Libon', 'Latvenergo', several Latvian banks are just some of the company’s clients. Products, that have been tested by ‘TestDevLab’, are used by over 1,5 million users worldwide. The company has been established in November of 2011. The company belongs in equal parts to Ervins Grinfelds and Andrejs Frisfelds with the recent turnover of 3,09 million euros that’s 31,3% higher than in the year 2015.