Latvian private investment funds recognized in TechStars investor list has published a map and a list of  300+ European seed, Series A and Series B investors created by Techstars. The document is available for comments live and estimates a total of about €15 billion worth of funds. 

The list excludes individuals, pre-seed investors, crowdfunding sites, and public sector programs. Latvia is represented by 2 private investors: hands-on B2C seed stage investor Rubylight and Series A and Series B investor iTechCapital.


Rubylight invests in B2C startups in 5 categories: (1) social media, (2) content sharing, (3) communication, (4) crowdsourcing, (5) blockchain. The team are seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully survived hockeystick user growth several times, both as founders and investors. The fund has over 10 startups in their portfolio. The most well-known are – questions and answers social network, Taxify - anti-uber taxi calling company rapidly growing in Central and Eastern Europe, Peerby - social shared economy startup out of Netherlands, Likealocal - social and crowdsourced unique traveling experiences, Drugvokrug - WeChat of Russia that is trying to expand to other countries.

Find out more about Rubylight, their team, experience and investment strategy here


iTechCapital is a global Private Equity & Venture Capital firm focused on investments in the digital economy companies around the world. The fund has at least $100 million under management and at least 10 companies in their portfolio, including world's most funded Bitcoin mining infrastructure manufacturer BitFury, social trading platform with over 500 thousands active users in 100 countries TradingView, one world's most popular “add-on store builders” for SMB with over 700 000 sellers in 65 countries Ecwid and more

Find out more about iTechCapital their team, experience and investment strategy here.

To compare private seed, Series A and series B funding available at each European city or to find potential investors in your startup, see the full map and list here.