Latvian start-up company to offer 'sorry as a service'

A new company, 'Sorry as a Service', will launch operations in Latvia in the near future, offering companies opportunity to apologize to their customers with the help of personalized gifts, said the company’s co-founder Sabīne Sipunova.

'Sorry as a Service' offers delivering gifts to a company’s clients in various stages of customer relations – after a complaint is filed, for the purpose of rewarding loyalty, or winning back former clients. “The product in itself is a system that is very easy to integrate in a company’s customer management systems, enabling the company to decide itself what gifts are to be shipped by way of apology, and in which instances.”

“Our objective is to prove that emotionally-engaging, physical, and surprising apology is more effective than financial compensation,” added Sipunova. 

“We set up the company together with the Estonians, we first participated in an accelerator in Estonia also, and later we took part in an accelerator in London, therefore the entire team moved there. In four months, Great Britain has become our main market,” explained Sipunova. “At the moment, one of the leading European telecommunications companies, 'British Telecommunications' is our main client, we also provide our services to 'Viasat', 'Telia', 'TransferWise', Estonia’s 'Tele2'."

The company is also preparing to commence its services in Latvia. “So far we have found gift suppliers, and talks about launching cooperation are under way with a number of larger and smaller companies,” said Sipunova. “Our network of local apology partners in Europe - chocolateries, restaurants and flower shops enables companies to dispatch personalized apologies quickly and cost efficiently.”

Commenting on future plans, Sipunova said her company was sufficiently funded at the moment. A fundraising campaign will nevertheless start in the coming months to raise EUR 500,000 to EUR 600,000 necessary for the company’s further growth. 

'Sorry as a Service' office in Riga is located at the 'TechHub Riga' technology startups’ center. Besides Sipunova, there is one more person working at the office who is in charge of companies in the Baltic countries.