Latvian Startup "Eventech" will help land a spaceship

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The Latvian startup company Eventech has been entrusted to help develop a part of the landing systems for the Luna-27 module. This is an unprecedented opportunity for such a small country to become involved in such a large-scale space project.

The company has signed an agreement with the British space technology company Neptec, which works together with NASA, the European Space Agency, Airbus, the UK Space Agency and other institutions. As part of the Luna-27 mission project, Eventech will help develop the module’s landing system, or more precisely - light detection and ranging sensors (LiDAR). The LiDAR system must ensure high resolution 3D images from the Moon to determine the most suitable and safest place for the landing of the module. It is planned that the international space mission Luna-27, which is a collaboration between the European Space Agency, the Russian Federal Space Agency and Airbus, will be launched to the Moon in 2021.

"I believe this is an unprecedented event for Latvia, as this is not just an achievement by scientists and companies, but also by the state. Latvia has previously express the desire to join the European Space Agency as a member state, and this could be our opportunity,’’ said investor and Commercialization Reactor head Nikolajs Adamovičs.

The story of Eventech began about 40 years ago, when Institute of Electronics and Computer Science professor Jurijs Artjuhs invented event timing technology, which ensures extremely accurate measurements. After Artjuhs passed away, his ideas were continued to be developed by scientists Vadims Vedins, Vladimirs Bespalko and Jevgēnijs Buls. "This technology has developed to such a level at the moment, that it allows us to make event time measurements with precision of up to a pilosecond and in MHz speed. Meanwhile, space is an environment where mistakes cannot be made, and each minute detail is extremely important," Adamovičs explained.

Eventech is a so-called spin-off company, which has developed through cooperation and licensing technology from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science. The company began its operations initially with LVL 3,000 share capital, as well as a LVL 10,000 loan. Now, the company has been the industry leader in the production of extremely accurate satellite laser-navigation equipment for over the past five years, taking over 50% of the global market in this area. During this time, the company has proven itself as a leader in satellite equipment development and highly precise measurement technology innovations. The company was created through the Commercialization Reactor.