Latvian startups launch Archi Tech Riga week

On March 30 Go VR Studio together with other startups operating in architecture and construction industry will launch Archi Tech Riga week to trigger innovation within the industry.

From March 30 to April 6 xcelsior salon will become a hotspot for architecture and technology meetups, workshops and exhibition of virtual reality performance.

“With this we would like to manifest the progress and innovation in the industry of architecture and construction. We wish to facilitate growth and development of open minded international community of professionals from the  fields such as architecture, construction and property management,” commented founder of Go VR Studio, Gunita Kulikovska.

Currently construction process is lacking practical application of new technology and there are tiny group of startups developing solutions to create flawless and efficient process from idea in architect's mind until building is built.

“We have to get new solutions flowing into industry. The only way to do it is by working hand in hand with industry professionals and erasing all the constraints and barriers of application, “ Gunita adds.

This week is just a beginning to facilitate innovation transfer from “startup laboratory to practice”. Meetups will cover topics, such as Virtual Reality, 3D printing and scanning, IoT and smart data. Further on Archi Tech meetup group could extend to automotive mobility and other urban innovations.

Innovative solutions will be featured by such companies as Go VR Studio,, 3D Dati, Orocon and iSTABAI.