Latvian team victorious at the Baltic Sea Region final of the Creative Business Cup

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Gamechanger Audio was first recognized as the best creative newcomer in the final selection on October 18th. 

The next day, in the framework of the Creative Industries Conference, winners of the five national contests gathered in Riga. The Latvians remained unmatched in fairly equal competition.

The Creative Industries Forum that was held on 18-19 October, in Riga, brought together professionals from eight Baltic Sea region countries. The opening day saw speeches by both internationally recognized experts and successful new companies from Latvia. At the end of the day, Latvia’s finalists of the international competition 'Creative Business Cup' took the stage to compete for the opportunity to go to the final in Copenhagen, Denmark, in November. There was no surprise who the contestants were, as all of them are active and recognizable local entrepreneurs:

  • CastPrint - prints custom casts using a 3D printer. So, if a patient has a broken bone, he can choose a more attractive and comfortable solution to stabilize the extremity. 
  • CheeksUp - a speech therapy game - helps children with speech or facial movement disorders.
  • Safe & Stable - a student company that has already achieved international success in the competition this summer.  The company developed a solution for people with visual impairment - an interactive cane that helps them to orientate in their surroundings. 
  • Gamechanger Audio - the company has invented and now produces special pedals that change the sound of musical instruments.
  • BlindArt - a platform where people with visual impairment create works of art and introduce it to the general public

Gamechanger Audio took home the national prize, who then had to compete with colleagues from four other Baltic Sea region countries the next day.  The competition was fierce, the projects are very interesting and almost everyone is ready to make changes in their sectors:

  • Gelatex (Estonia) - produces a material that replaces both natural and artificial leather. The material is made from gelatin and costs half as much as currently used fabrics, as well as for those that are created as substitutes.  Also, this fabric is the only alternative that can be delivered in rolls, which is very convenient for the manufacturers.  The product is expected to be available on the market by the end of 2019.
  • Heroic Sport (Denmark) - the company was created due to a chance encounter. One of the creators was seriously injured and the other - a physiotherapist - helped him recover. Both decided to continue working together to create different training programs and sell them online.  One of them is special. The team restored ancient martial arts techniques that use swords. These movements are a good exercise, but during workouts they usually use bowling pins of a particular weight, which are difficult to move around. Therefore, the team created a plastic handle that can be attached to any plastic beverage bottle. When it is filled with water, its weight is equal to the weight of the bowling pin.  Consequently, this new sport has now become accessible anywhere and in all conditions.
  • Interactio (Lithuania) - a mobile phone application that ensures the interpretation at conferences.  If there is a loss of data connection in the room, the conference guests can listen to the interpretation by calling a particular phone number.
  • Myssyfarm (Finland) - designer hats that are made by enthusiastic senior women from a small region of Finland. They use real, locally produced wool for knitting. The product is already available in 50 countries, but the biggest demand is in Germany, Japan, and Korea.

“Gamechanger Audio” won the tense battle and gained a € 3000 prize.  Lithuanian startup “Interactio” went home with 2nd place and € 2000 in their pocket. However, € 1,000 and the third place travels to the Finnish hat masters.

All five teams will soon meet again for another contest where they will be joined by the best creative business companies from Europe.