Meet the Digital Freedom Festival & 500 Startups Pitch finalists

The results are in for Digital Freedom Festival & 500 Startups Pitch! Evaluation process was as challenging as the competition was high. Therefore – a round of applause for all the applicants!

After an intensive day of training and mentorship with 500 Startups on 27 November 3-5 of these startups will take to the Main Stage of the Digital Freedom Festival on November 29.

If you want to see the pitching, hurry up and buy your ticket now for the Digital Freedom Festival (use special discount code SUB25%OFF).

So who are the startups that made it through the first round?

Creatomus (Estonia) creates 3D configurators for property developers and manufacturers to sell custom built houses. Their solution enables buyers to find and customise designs of their future homes in an interactive and fun manner.

HackMotion (Latvia) is smart clothing to replace snowboard instructor. Thermal underwear equipped with motion sensors tracks human body movements and via smartphone application provides live audio feedback in the earphones to help correct snowboarders posture and technique while riding.

RateMate (United Kingdom) aim is to become the Bloomberg of event data for the hotel industry. With 51 paying clients (with the likes of InterContinental, Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt among others), they help hotels increase their revenues with the help of event data.

Funderful (Latvia) is a SaaS solution for education institutions to manage their fundraising campaigns. They provide a tailored looking website for university fundraising campaigns and software to manage fundraising volunteers. Their clients include Oxford, Cambridge colleges, LBS in the UK, US universities.

NEWPL (Ukraine) is a kinky app for dating by fantasies. You can find kinky singles and couples for sensual experiences, share your stories and listen to others'.

IntelligantWay (Latvia) develops a platform like Linux to accelerate R&D in production and machinery. They are challenging gigantic software companies with total revenue $4B. CEnOS is an integration platform for open source software for numerical simulation (CAD/CAM/CAE). It will make simulation available for each SME.

ERNEST (Latvia) is a company recognized for recruiting Europe’s top engineers. The team consists of eight developers and outsourced designers with deep experience in anti-vehicle theft security. Their main product is ERNESTAPP.COM platform and devices for both home control and vehicle protection.

SkenarioLabs (Finland) provides unique building insight for building owners, managers and construction industry. The globally applicable web service based on proven data-analytics powers them to make detailed health checks for thousands of buildings instantaneously and provide them with locally valid cures.

Leansite (Estonia) is a simple application for construction site management and team collaboration – virtual assistant for construction managers and workers.

NeoSound (Estonia) is the unique and convenient tool that allows users to become active music creators even if they do not have musical skills. In comparison to other solutions, that solve the problem partly, NeoSound combines all features required to solve the main problem together: recognize a melody from voice and reproduce it as a music nicely.

GraiMe (Belarus) is an application that will bring together street artists around the world and allow them to make non-cash donations, which will increase their total income, because the share of non-cash payments in excess of 80% in Europe. In application artists can also raise funds by crowdfunding.

PingFin (Belarus) is a personal financial assistant that will allow you to easily keep track of balances on all your banks cards, save money and get tips to improve your well-being. With PingFin you can integrate the accounts of your loved ones.

Notakey (Latvia) is a smartphone based solution to prevent identity theft, financial loss and breaches of privacy while reducing overall identification costs.