Meet the Latvian teams going to Slush

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Latvians have always had a presence at Slush, one of the year's hottest startup events. But this year it's kicked up a notch. 

You'll be hard-pressed to think of a Slush event where there were no Latvians. We're close - both geographically, and in terms of friendship, those Latvians and Finns.

But this year, Latvians got organized. Expect to see for the first time ever a dedicated stand at the Startup Square that highlights both startup opportunities in Latvia (because we have a ton, like the startup law, the startup visa that's really a residence permit, 3 new accelerators and more) as well as Latvian startups.

These are the teams that have been selected to represent Latvia at the stand. They're the cream of the crop, and each has their own story, that you should definitely hear. Get in touch with the teams directly, or write to us at and we'll be happy to put you in touch.

Latvia - never out of reach.

Vividly - VR for architects

*Named part of the Slush 100 - best early-stage startups attending Slush

Vividly is a VR system for architects and designers. It allows them to walk through and experience the spaces they've designed, before building them. The company started in 2016 as a tool in the architecture and design industry empowering projects like NY Affordable Housing Challenge, Rail Baltica Riga Station and Expo Astana.

Vividly's drag&drop solution cuts the cost of investing in high-end VR gear, learning complicated game engines or hiring expensive in-house developers. Vividly is 8.5x faster than classic VR development, with 10x less investment.

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They're looking for: investment opportunities, contact development - learn an instrument for fun is the answer to the newest generation's boredom with music classes - a digitized, fun experience, that teaches you the basics through songs you love.

Through their web mobile apps, you learn your instrument's line either by yourself or in a class of up to 30 people. The experience is hands-on, and teaches the music theory behind what you're playing, as you go along.

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They're looking for: Investment opportunities

HackMotion - precision sports performance through sensor data

*Named part of the Slush 100 - best early-stage startups attending Slush

HackMotion is a wearable sensor system for learning sports. The HackMotion wearable sensor systems use motion capture technology to capture every movement of the body (or body part). Then movements are analyzed by software in real time and feedback as well as 3D animations of the movements are displayed to the person who learns.  

For sports enthusiasts HackMotion systems can serve as an addition or even a substitution of sports instructor, as the system can provide automated real time feedback on the common mistakes learners usually make while acquiring skills in sports.

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OROCON - construction project management software

OROCON  is a automatic construction  project  planning platform that tracks progress, plans tasks and controls material supply. It helps eliminate needless tasks and therefore optimize both time, and resources.

OROCON provides an overview of the site progress and demonstrates it through a Gantt Chart made available online, to increase transparency.

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KLEAN - on-demand cleaning services

KLEAN is a marketplace for on-demand cleaning services, and it's about to expand to Scandinavia.

The app offers 24/7 cleaning services through an app, and will have a cleaner at the location within 1 hour. Use the app to make the order, enter the address, select your cleaner, and make the payment.

Give it a try: Download the KLEAN app from App Store or Google Play Store.
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Raden solutions - monitoring everything

From oil pipes and ATM machines to paintball scoring systems - Raden Solutions monitors it all. Their focuses are on payment switch monitoring systems, monitoring and management for networks of ATMs, and monitoring for industrial production lines.

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Intelligent Systems - Car fleet management software

Intelligent system offers a full cycle automotive telemetry solutions to more than 3000 customers. With 10 years of experience, company specializes in GPS tracking, fuel control, routing, task management and electro management. Over the past two years the business has expanded to 10 countries.

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They're looking for: Distributors

Robotic Solutions- roboticizing the workforce

Robotic Solutions takes traditionally manually operated machinery and turns it into driver-less robots. They've currently developed a fleet management system for the industrial floor cleaning industry, and are only getting started.

Their solution is a three-step process that consists of localization for machine positioning, automation, and adapting them into teams.

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Overly - Augmented Reality development

Overly is the only company in the Baltics to focus on augmented reality, and they're experienced, with 4 years under their belts. They think of ideas with clients and take care of the implementation for them.

They're currently working on a project that prints an image from a video. Through the overly app, you can see the image come to life.

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They're looking for: investments of 500,000

Inpharmatis - vital services for life sciences - regulations, training, e-submissions

Inpharmatis delivers services and solutions to the life science industry drugs lifecycle procedure management and pharmacovigilance services. Inpharmatis is the only multi-disciplinary team of qualified and experienced consultants providing coverage across the whole of the CIS and Europe. At the heart of our business is our eSolutions division providing consultancy in eCTD, IDMP and pharmacovigilance solutions.  

They're looking for: investor relationships, partners, employees
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Other teams that you'll be able to find around Slush include Aerones fighting drones, AdvanGrid electrical grid monitoring, Zeew - the on-demand delivery service, UberHint - the migration information network, Nordigen - transaction categorization for financial services, PVStream - software to plan your solar power project, and Alternative Plants - cosmetics derived from stem cells.

Where can you find the Latvians?

Wrong question, Latvians are everywhere! But If you want so more detailed options:

The Startup Wise Guys accelerator will be hosting their demo day on Nov. 29 - you're very welcome to join! Many Latvian teams will be there, as this batch is based in Riga (that's the capital of Latvia). RSVP for the event here.

Media reps and investors are invited to Latvia's breakfast event, December 1st, Room 205 in Kokoustamo. Breakfast will be served at 9:00, and you'll hear from top Latvian reps, including the Minister of Economics, about what's new in Latvia and what it can offer to startups. If you'd like to join them, ping the TechChill team behind the event:

During the event, make sure to swing by the Magnetic Latvia stand and say sveiks! You'll meet some of the most engaging startups, as well as hear about all of the different programs available to startups.