Government to uncover innovation opportunities through public procurement

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The Ministry of Economics of Latvia is participating in the iBuy program, a regional EU program to empower and teach governmental authorities to foster innovation through their public procurement processes. 

The Ministry of Economics of Latvia is representing the nation in the international iBuy program, which aims to empower and teach governments to become driving forces of innovation, through their public procurement procedures. 

"iBuy is a project dedicated to boosting innovation through public procurement. It aims at encouraging public authorities to start acting from the demand side for innovation as it has been conceptualised in the Europe 2020 strategy and the Innovation Union." - Interreg Europe

Experts from seven European countries have joined their efforts to foster the application and development of innovation. Representatives from Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Romania, Greece, Latvia, and Portugal have launched iBuy, the project for fostering the role of public authorities as demanders of innovation through public procurement.

As the representatives of Latvia, the Ministry of Economics will expand its professional competence and capabilities as well as will have the possibility to facilitate the application of public procurement.

Program partners will cooperate with the aim to enhance an implement efficiency of the new generation public procurement programmes for innovation that are co-funded by the European structural and investment funds. They are devoted to encourage public authorities to start acting from the demand side for innovation as it has been conceptualized in the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Innovation Union.

The program will consist of: 

  • 7 complete analyses of policy instruments (including benchmarking and peer reviews);
  • the setting-up of an online tool linked to the programme’s platform to support the exchange of information and promote the e-learning process;
  • 35 meetings with stakeholders;
  • 3 dissemination seminars;
  • 8 internal workshops;
  • 8 study visits linked to the project learning path, the continuous implication of the EU institution;
  • 7 final action plans (including monitoring systems) for the policy instruments’ improvement.


iBuy aims at developing innovative models suitable to mobilize public and private stakeholders on the basis of the ‘entrepreneurial discovery process’ linked to the research and innovation strategies for smart specialization in the area of public procurement for innovation, while promoting a European perspective and ensuring the durability and transferability of the achieved results.

iBuy is being implemented as part of the Interreg Europe program with the support from the European Regional Development Fund. The project has a budget of 1,471 million euro, of which 15% is co-financed by the Ministry of Economics with the amount equal to 176,800 thousand euro and the other 85% is financed from the funding of the Interreg Europe program. The duration of the project is 54 months, starting from June 1, 2018.