Nominations for "Investor of the Year 2018"

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The nominations for the award have been announced. The award recognizes the most meaningful investments and deals in the private sector and in the law sector.

Investors and investment consultants to have provided valuable investment into Latvia's investment environment and into the development of entrepreneurship will be chosen by the members of Latvia's Private and Risk Capital Association (LVCA) and Latvia's Business Angel Network (LatBAN). The winners will be announced at awards ceremony. 

"2018 has been a successful year for the risk capital industry - this is reflected by those deals that have been nominated for the "Investor of the Year" award as well as due to the many newcomers into the industry. With the support of Altum along, three new risk capital fund managers have been registered, as well as seven new risk capital funds. They have access to 105 million euro for investing into companies with high potential. That lets us foresee that 2019 will be very active and I hope that we will companies with previous risk capital investments growing into success stories." - Edgards Pigoznis, LVCA chairman of the board

The nominees for "Investor of the Year" for private investments in the categories of "Investment with the most potential" and "Most environmentally friendly investment":

  • Uldis Salzirnis for the investment in the comparison site FindUp
  • Vjaceslav Nebogatihs for his investment in Latvian technology disctribution company ELEME, that offers smart home solutions to clients in Poland
  • Anatolijs Prohorovs for a repeat investment in Sonarworks, the audio technology company
  • Klavs Vasks for investing in Direct Mortgage Capital, the platform for home mortgage investments
  • Matiss Ansviesulis for investing in AirBoard, the startup that is developing the world's smallest aircraft
  • Konrads Gailevics for investing in fintech startup Nordigen, which develops automated bank statement analysis for understanding creditworthiness

Funds that are in the running for "Investor of the Year" under the "Investment of the year" nomination:

  • BaltCap AIFP for investing in KOOL Latvia, which takes a fresh approach to gas stations and convenience stores. The concept has already proven itself - the first four gas stations' results exceed the expectations as defined in the business plan. The investment will let the company continue to function and open 10 additional gas stations in Riga and its surroundings, by the end of 2019
  • Livonia Partners for investing in FREOR, the commercial freezer manufacturer. The company sells their energy efficient and environmentally friendly freezer solutions to grocery chain stores and other retailers in Europe and elsewhere in the world
  • Livonia Partners for investing in the CRM Scoro
  • Kartesia, the international investment company's first investment into the Baltic countries - purchasing the anti-reflective glass manufacturing company Groglass. It is the first company in the world with equipment to manufacture double-sided anti-reflective coating
  • Baltcap Infrastructure Fund for its investment into Anaerobic Holding. The company manages three biogas manufactuing locations in Latvia with a total amount of power at 4.9 megawatts.


In the category "Sale of the Year":

  • The sale of Groglass, by NCH Capital, for over 50 million euro
  • The sale of Runway BPO's control of states by BaltCap to the business process outsourcing company Webhelp
  • The sale of FlyCap's shares in HansaMatrix on the stock market

For the nomination of "Financial Consultant of the Year:

  • Oaklins M&A Baltics for consulting in the Groglass sales deal
  • Porta Finance for consulting in the sales of five different Latvian companies
  • EY for consulting CarGuru stakeholders in acquiring an investment
  • Callidus Capital for attracting the 2nd round of capital investment for KOOL Latvia
  • Superia Corporate Fiance for consulting in the sales deal of Anaerobic Holding

For the nomination of "Legal Consultant of the Year":

  • COBALT for consulting Kartesia in regards to purchasing Groglass and other deals
  • TGS Baltic for consulting AS Conexus Baltic Grid and SIA IRI Forest Assets Latvia in deals, as well as Livonia Patners consulting about investing in Freor
  • Sorainen for consulting Livonia Partners in the investment of Scoro
  • Primus Derling for consulting KOOL Latvia team members on attracting financing and implementing the deal