PlayGineering exceeded all milestones

Excellent financial, expansion, growth and technical results of PlayGineering Systems exceeded all the previous forecasts
Looks like PlayGineering Systems will over exceed all the milestones again in 2017. We are looking to close this year with around 2,1 million turnover (776K in 2016) and more than 100 installations all around the world. PlayGineering works with the world's top leagues, teams, federations and top events in 18 countries in Europe, Asia and USA. Our dealer network already exceeded 40+ partner all around the world. Our sales leads already reached 300+ customers who are looking to buy our systems in the next 1 month till 2 years perspective. 

Since established  company founders always listened voice of their customers. That helps to identify real need of the customers that was unsatisfied for decades, the need for the products and functionalities traditionally available only for the top leagues and teams of professional sports due their high cost barrier. Through this research company identified kind of “Blue Ocean”, uncontested market free from competitors, but holding around 80% of the total sports market and with high demand for non-existing products. That was the turning point of the company when we started development of these new products in 2013 and finished in 2016. 

Thanks to our engineers, researchers, scientists, programmers and management team we have developed totally unique technology that do not have analogues in the world. Technology that is based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, robotics and video processing protected with pending and registered patents.