"PowerMining" unveil custom, economically viable crypto mining containers

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Latvian startup "PowerMining" unveiled custom-built containters created specifically for mining crypto currencies. 

The full-service crypto mining containers by PowerMining are equipped with multiple mining devices, and placed near hydroelectric stations for economized electricity expenses. The containers were unveiled at TechChill, the conference that brought together over 2000 participants from 46 countries.  

“Power Mining” was established by two entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency enthusiasts Kristaps Mors and Janis Grinbergs, who initially sought to build their own efficient mining farm. Originally mining as a hobby, both Kristaps and Janis soon realised that mining in a custom-constructed container would not only save them electricity fees, but also solve the inescapable noise and equipment overheating issues.

“We are proud to present our mining container in action” notes Kristaps Mors, “Power Mining” co-founder and CEO of MaxTraffic. “Our container's mobility allows it to be placed near the cheapest electricity sources available and provide low cost miner hosting for our clients. As cryptocurrency miners, we designed the space to be a perfect fit for both Bitcoin and Ethereum miners.”  

The container’s interior structure is dedicated solely to one’s mining needs; depending on the setup the container can hold up to 100 mining stations, supported by the strategically placed custom shelves and power supplies. The space is ideally suited for both GPU as well as ASIC mining equipment, with custom vents for better air flow and additional layers of security. Technical support and consultations are also part of the service.

The space, which was presented at this year’s Techchill - Baltic's leading tech event, earned positive reviews from some of the 2000 attendees. Addressing the increased agenda focus on trending topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, digital identity and security,  Techchill’s CEO Marija Rucevska, explained that “Power Mining” showcased Latvia's cryptocurrency enthusiasm in action, adding that “the ideal tech event should have both theoretical discussions as well as physical product showcases. Kristaps and Janis were excellent exhibition partners and we at TechChill are excited what they'll do next!”  

“Power Mining” plans to build 10 additional mining spaces in 2018.