Riga TechGirls and TWINO are getting serious about women's involvement in tech

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Realizing the necessity of gender balance in business, the startup TWINO is collaborating with Riga TechGirls to offer a free workshop cycle to inspire and support women to see the tech industry as a potential future workplace. 

During four workshops the project participants will be given the opportunity to meet industry professionals, gain knowledge on starting a business and lay foundations for their own businesses. Industry experts, investors and entrepreneurs will cover topics such as product usability, testing, end user behavior, attracting investors, presenting products and services, team building and more. At the end of the program, participants will be able to win a paid trip to the largest startup conference in Europe - "Pirate Summit" in Germany, September 6-7. 

Women in technology is a challenge that the global startup community is grappling with. TechCrunch reported in 2016 that only 38% of startups have at least one female partner in them. Comparatively, the Univeristy of Latvia reported that only 15% of IT students are female. Initiatives such as the Riga TechGirls organization aims to inolve women in technology and to promote work in the IT industry. 

Startup founders, such as Armands Broks of TWINO, has also noticed the discrepancy and feels it must be changed:

“During everyday work in a technology business we can see that a balance of different cultures and experiences, as well as gender, plays an important role in it. If we want our product to be used by women as well, it is essential for them to get involved in creating, selling and developing the product. Technology companies are currently dominated by men. However, the industry is expected to suffer from the biggest lack of workforce in the future, therefore we hope that this initiative will encourage at least some girls to see this industry as a potential workplace in the future,” says Armands.



“Start-up technology is a relatively new area in Latvia, but successful entrepreneurs are working in it already, including women who have proved themselves internationally. Our goal is to use these examples as an inspiration for other girls and increase the proportion of women in this apparently masculine industry,” explains Anna Andersone, of Riga TechGirls.

Anna will speak the first lecture on the topic of startups and their role in the business environment, along with Armands Broks, who will cover management of TWINO, one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer loan platforms and investor Toby Moore, who will talk about how investors choose businesses in which to invest. The first lecture will be open to the public and will be held on April 20th in English, you can register for it here

Women are invited to apply for the program until April 18th by sending a letter of motivation in English or in Latvian to The workshops will take place on the 20th of April from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and on the 26th of April, the 8th of May and the 18th of May from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM.