Riga TechGirls celebrate their first event and reveal future plans

Last week, at the co-working space ‘Mill Riga', the first event of Riga TechGirls took place, which was attended by women who are either currently working in the technology sphere or planning on doing so.

The initiator of Riga TechGirls is the co-founder of the startup company ‘Froont’ Anna Andersone and the co-founder of ‘’ Alise Semjonova, who began working in IT startups several years ago, but there are six more girls behind this project.

At the moment this project has grown quite considerably, and amongst the organization’s main goals is to “achieve a better gender balance in the IT sector and help women get involved in creating technologies”.

According to Anna Andersone, there are four main reasons for this.

  • We believe that in the future no sector will be able to exist without IT, thus being educated in the IT sector is necessary for anyone who wishes to be competitive in the job market.
  • There is a relatively small number of women working in the IT sector at the moment, and this is something which is not being talked about enough, thus there is a conception within society that this sector is not suitable for women. This is completely absurd, as the IT sector is perfectly suitable for women and girls!
  • The prosperity of women and the public as a whole is closely connected with the involvement of women in the job market and their competitiveness also on the international level. The more women are involved, the greater the economic growth and improvement of the prosperity level.
  • The IT sector has many positions where it is possible to work from home. This is an important aspect for many women, as when there are small children at home it is difficult for women to work from an office eight hours a day. It is possible to carry out many IT functions, like testing and analysis, at a time and place most convenient for you.

“The more diverse a company’s team is, the more it is capable of creating a product or service which is suitable for the whole of society. This is one of the most important reasons why we are speaking about the involvement of women. This would mean a more complete vision and solutions for all of our IT products,” Anna told Labs of Latvia in a discussion.

Speaking about the plans of Riga TechGirls in the near future, Anna explains that several evening meet-ups are being organized for August, September and the following months, where members will share their experiences and form working groups on specific subjects.

“We are organizing work-shops on the basics of encryption, but we are planning on introducing new topics as well. I invite the girls to write to us about the topics they are most interested in, as well as persons to apply to conduct these seminars. We are currently planning a Google Analytics Workshop and Date Literacy Workshop for the autumn,” Anna added about the organization’s future activities.