Riga will host DSS ITSEC – the biggest cyber security conference in the Baltics

On 19th October, celebrating the world cyber security month, the National Library of Latvia will host already the eighth annual cyber security conference DSS ITSEC. It is the biggest event of this kind in the Baltic region. This year, the main topic of the conference will be related to the currently actual Regulation on the protection of personal data that will enter into force in May 2018. Therefore this conference will be of great use for business managers, IT and data protection specialists, as well as for representatives of other professions. The event will be free of charge for everyone.

The cyber security conference DSS ITSEC is an event designed for exchanging experience and improving the knowledge on the cyber security. The aim of the conference is to strengthen the cyber security in the Baltic region by providing the local specialists with an opportunity to meet high-level international experts and master the knowledge about the latest tendencies of the industry and technological solutions.

This year, experts will be attention to cybercrimes, cyber incidents and the new Regulation on the protection of personal data. Additionally, there will be discussions about such topics as the cyber security policy, the new cyber security strategy of the European Union (EU), public and private partnership in the EU and in each member state individually. Experts will also discuss 5G security, ransomware, various technological and administrative solutions, network security, etc. Everybody who is interested in these topics is welcome to apply by completing the application questionnaire here:   Full agenda of the conference will be available in the nearest future.

"Regulation on the protection of personal data currently is one of the most actual topics in the whole Europe. This year, we have invited to the DSS ITSEC conference globally well-known experts, in order to discuss the actual cyber security topics in the context of this Regulation and the expected changes in the future. We are truly happy for being able to gather already for the eighth year in a row professionals of the industry and all the people interested in the cyber security, in order to establish new cooperation and strengthen the cyber security of the Baltic countries," says Andris Sloka, the establisher and long-time organizer of the DSS ITSEC conference.

Among the most interesting speakers of the DSS ITSEC conference will be Mikko Hypponen, the Chief Research Officer of the cyber security company F-Secure and a true star of the global cyber security, who have published his research findings in New York Times, Wired un Scientific American, to name a few, as well as has been a lecturer of Oxford, Stanford and Cambridge universities. He is also included in the FP’ Leading Global Thinkers list compiled by the foreign policy magazine TOP 100. One of the most interesting female experts, who will join the team of speakers this year, is Tamara Dull, according to the IoT Institute, one of the 25 Most Influential Women in IoT. Previously, she has been listed among Big Data 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands and Top 100 Big Data Experts 2016. Now, Tamara is the New Technologies Director of SAS Best Practices. One of the world’s leading security organizations, NATO, this year will be represented in the conference by the Cyber Security Supervisor Holger Spohn.

Last year, the DSS ITSEC conference attracted a major public attention by gathering almost 800 participants. The conference featured more than 80 presentations in nine parallel sessions given by the cyber security specialists from 20 different countries from all over the world. Steve Purser, the Head of Core Operations Department of the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), and Phil Zimmermann, the creator of PGP, an email encryption software package, were among experts of the last year’s conference.