Startup Ampple getting ready for production

The Latvia-founded startup Ampple recently had a highly succesful crowdfunding campaign to raise the entire amount necessary for the manufacture of iPad stereo speaker cases. Ampple is now preparing for production of the first series of the sound system in the near future. The speaker cases could hit the shelves next February or later, the magazine Kapitāls writes. The first markets for Ampple will be the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France and China.

The development of the Ampple prototype has been proceeding quickly, and now the team has a fully-functioning prototype. It has been going through a series of improvements, but judging from other similar companies’ experience, a lot of work has to go into adapting such a prototype to enter production.

The company has not yet started production, and no production facility has been selected so far. “It will depend on a lot of factors, in particular on the geography of the markets where we will be starting out. Another factor that will influence the choice of the place is how successfully our cooperation unfolds with different contract manufacturers that we are currently talking to about launching production,” the company’s co-founder Viesturs Sosārs tells Kapitāls.

“Of course, we are planning to continue operations in Latvia, but it needs to be understood that some processes can be done better, faster, and cost less in other countries. So what can best be done in Latvia is done here, while that which can be done better elsewhere is done in other countries.”

At the moment, Ampple works as an iPad audio amplifier. Sosārs tells Kapitāls that the company is also planning to develop similar accessories for other mobile devices, including phones. In Sosārs’ opinion, the market situation is favorable at the moment, as increasingly more people view audiovisual content on their mobile devices, which means that there are quite many opportunities to offer the product also for other mobile devices.

Ampple is targeted at people who watch films, television or other audiovisual content on a mobile screen – that is, a tablet computer or a smartphone.

Ampple was founded by Viesturs Sosārs, Rihards Funts and Kaspars Kalnišs.

The iPad case from Ampple uses Bluetooth connection to enhance the sound of the iPad threefold, offering quality natural stereo sound across the entire frequency range. The idea of Ampple is to improve the sound of mobile devices and to offer listeners access to clear, premium sound. The ultra-durable case protects the device from all kinds of damage. The case not only amplifies the sound and adds a lot more bass, it also has a long-lasting battery that provides a full 10 hours of watching and listening.

Ampple attracted EUR 51,310 worth of financing on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.