Students offered free entrance to TechChill - here's how

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70 students who participate in all three student workshops will be given a free pass to TechChill 2019.

Each of the workshops will cover its own topic:

  1. The future of tech (October 10th)
  2. The startup ecosystem (October 24th)
  3. How startups are built (November 4th)

By attending all three, 70 students will receive a free pass to one of the most recognizable Baltic startup ecosystem events - TechChill, happening on February 21 and 22, 2019, in Riga. Any students who are interesting in challenging themselves and gaining insight to the startup ecosystem, and perhaps even finding an employer, are invited to attend.

Application process

Any student, full-time, part-time, students, from any university, program, or country are invited to apply.

The application is done online, by filling out this form:

The application deadline is September 30th.

Students who can’t join the workshops are invited to participate in the startup conference by purchasing a Student Pass for only 49 EUR. Valid Student ID is needed before entering the event venue.   

Workshop program

Workshops, happening on October 10, October 24 and November 7, have three parts - future of the tech, startup ecosystem and how startups are built. Students will be provided with hands-on group work, as well as mentored by the startup founders and representatives of the startup ecosystem. By discussing the world of tech and startups with students, speakers will share real-life stories and the problems they face daily.

  • CEO at TechChill, Kristine Kornilova will talk about the technology, its impact and share a brief history
  • Co-Founder at Dripit, Ernests Stals will reveal the definition of what startup is, as well as give an insight in the startup environment
  • CEO & Co-Founder at Toneboard, Martins Vaivars and the CEO & Co-Founder at CastPrint, Sigvards Krongorns will talk about their work as a startup builders, their ideas and share the development strategies that are being used
  • Community Manager at TechChill, Katrina Peipina, will go through opportunities that the Baltic startup environment provides

During the workshops, startup founders will share practical information on how to find startups that are hiring, as well as how actually the working in startup differs from working in the traditional company.



TechChill teamed up with Printful, one of the most successful Latvian companies, to provide students with insights into the business and startup environment. During the workshops, experienced startup environment representatives, startup founders and industry experts will share their knowledge, encouraging students to become a part of the startup industry and the tech world.

Acknowledging that the world of tech and startups relies on students - the future founders, entrepreneurs, and curious minds - TechChill invests and continues to build a better local startup ecosystem by education, challenging and showing the possibilities of startup environment in Baltic states. In the past, TechChill already has given an opportunity to many students, and by teaming up with Printful, they are carrying on the tradition of organizing the student workshops and offering the TechChill’s Student Pass free of charge. Students are welcome to join the workshops happening during the October and November in different venues around the Riga.

“We are grateful that the Latvian startup environment has given us such good specialists and an opportunity to show Latvian knowledge in the world while keeping the brains in Latvia. Already from the very beginning of Printful, we believed that by supporting the Latvian startup ecosystem, together we will create a ground for new success stories from Latvia”, points Co-Founder and CEO at Printful, Davis Siksnans.

“One of the main goals of TechChill is to develop the startup ecosystem. Startup environment needs a lot of ambitious and globally-minded talents in different industries and specializations. Most of the TechChill team are young professionals who have graduated from universities just recently, and we know how difficult it is to choose the right career path. We wish others to educate and self-execute directly in the startup environment which we found very challenging and full of opportunities, and that’s why for several years now we have been working with students - organizing lectures at universities, offering introductions with startups that are hiring, as well as inviting students to volunteer in the conference”, shares the CEO at TechChill, Kristine Kornilova.