Study shows Latvia has highest percentage of female engineers throughout Europe

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A study by RS Components has found that of all European countries, Latvia has the highest percentage of female engineers at 30% of all employed engineers.

Throughout the whole of Europe, Latvia has the highest percentage of female engineers with 30% of the 19,600 strong engineering workforce made up of women.

 Meanwhile, the UK currently has the lowest number of women working in engineering; only 8.7% of the 640,300 strong engineering workforce are women. This equates to just 55,706 females in total. 

These findings support data from the Statistics Bureau of Latvia that Latvia has a higher rate of scientists in general, compared to the European average. 52.4% of all scientists in Latvia are female, while the European average is 32.9%.

Though this data demonstrates that Latvia is leading in gender equality in the sciences, there is still much room to grow, with gender-based stereotypes dominating in other spheres. For example, in the 2011 school year, out of nearly 7,000 pre-school educators, only 8 were male

Several initiatives have been put in place to even further promote gender equality in the sciences in Latvia. For example, the Riga Techgirls non-profit organization aims at strengthening tech skills and stimulating women's and girls' interest and participation in the IT field. Additionally, the Digital Freedom Festival has declared that their panels will be equally represented by both genders