Drofie, the locally-developped drone, needs your support on Indiegogo

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A repeat campaign has begun on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website to raise USD 40,000 (EUR 37,703) for the pocket-size selfie drone Drofie that is being developed by a Latvian-Egyptian startup. Mohamed Ghaith, the founder of the company, says that this is far more than a drone – it is a lifestyle gadget.

The Drofie drone is a device to capture different moments in a person’s life from a unique angle. While similar products are available on the market, the drone we have created is different as it can be folded up and it comes in different colors. But on top of all is the drone’s stability. The biggest problem with most of the small drones currently available on the market is that their manufacturers, limited by the small size and light weight of the drones, have not been able to ensure uninterrupted and error-free operation of their devices. We, on the other hand, can assure that Drofie will not let you down,” Mohammad Ghaith explains the advantages of Drofie. 

Drofie is being developed by Latvian and Egyptian engineers and programmers. It is 20 centimeters long, ten centimeters wide and stands two centimeters tall. The drone weighs 140 grams and is equipped with a 15-megapixel camera. The price for the first Indiegogo campaign supporters is USD 199 (EUR 185).

The previous crowdfunding campaign for the drone commenced last December but was cancelled five days later. “The main problem at that time was bad timing. We started the campaign before Christmas and New Year. We had not organized media support. The first three days of a campaign are crucial for its success. So we decided to try once again,” says Mohammad Ghaith. He is wary in commentingon the current campaign. “It won’t be easy. We have been working on the drone for almost two years. We saw a lot of challenges with production of the drone, which had been impossible to foresee. We hope nevertheless that our experienced team will successfully overcome any challenge we may face in the future.”